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WTF Days

Budapest, August 2008, picture by Liza Psomiadou (used without permission)

Topsy-turvy, busty and curvy
these my friend are WTF days.

It’s the end of an era, salam Al Jazeera
but an era that ends in an A.

When you’re sick and you ain’t got no job
swinging on a door with no knob
WTFP of it all?

You can’t get away from…
there’s no way to hide
they feel it, psyche you out and you’ll fall.

WTAA then
with the sheets on the ground
and the rubber won’t stay on your knob?

Oh it’s topsy and turvy
it’s busty and curvy
these my dear are the WTF days.

WTF = “What the fuck!”
WTFP = “What’s the fucken’ point?”
WTAA = “What’s that all about?”