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60 mins Portugal-Turkey 0-0 Off to Buenos Aires with a friend tomorrow. Probably a week there and a week travelling towards Patagonia. Will see how far into Patagonia, hopefully until Bariloche at least. Then off to São Paulo on the 26th of June. Not sure after that where, but maybe Rio, maybe Parati or Ubatuba, almost definitely Floripa, and then back to Porto Alegre.

67 mins Portugal-Turkey 1-0 Didn’t have any alcohol for 106 days but had a glass of champagne yesterday and then some white wine sangria. Couldn’t refuse, would be too rude. Was at the home of one of my new friends parents house. A great older couple. They were drinking & smoking intellectuals & artists. I said no thank you to the red wine, but had to have some of the champagne when it was put in front of me. How could I refuse? Teatotal day count: 1.

86 mins Portugal-Turkey 1-0 Maybe I go to Salta. That sounds nice and a friend who went travelling to Argentina recently said she liked it there, if I remember correctly. The Brazilian commentators are great. Very passionate. “Grita Filipão”, “keep on shouting, big Phil”…

93 mins Portugal-Turkey 2-0 It’s all over.