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The best of Britain

So, Boris Johnson is the new mayor of London. He took up residency in the anal suppository shaped building around the corner from my house last night. This is right next to where David Blaine was in a hanging box without food for I don’t remember how many days, back in 2003, and the British public came out to support him by throwing burgers at him… fucken’ hilarious, and could only happen in Britain? Well, I seriously doubt it could happen in the US, except in pre-9/11 New York maybe…

Oh well. I listened to what Max Keiser had to say about Boris and if that’s the case, it might not be so bad. In a nutshell, he sees him as someone who shoots from the hip and that it will be interesting if they don’t get to him. Or until they do get to him. Apparently during the election campaign he went as far as to say that the “War on Terror” is bogus. If it’s true that he said it, then that’s great, there is hope then. But how long until they shut him up? Any politician with half a brain (the verdict is still out on Boris on this one, apparently) knows that this war on terror is a fake, but few dare come out and say it.

I just typed “Boris Johnson war on terror” into that search engine named “Google” and came across this article, written by the man himself, a few years ago. I don’t buy that theory or excuse that people say they voted for Boris because they wanted to send a message to Labour and there was no chance of any other candidate getting elected. If you want to send a message then vote for Lindsey or the Lib Dems or the Green party. Very strange this world wide two-party politics scam. Who ever devised it and set it up was fucken’ intelligent. Genius in fact.

If I had my way, Lindsey German or in the worse case Brian Paddick would’ve been elected, Dennis Greenidge’s Coo Coo Coo Cucumber would be number one in the charts and Mike Leigh‘s Happy Go Lucky would’ve swept the Oscars (best film, best original screenplay, best director, best actor (Eddie Marsan was incredible as the driving instructor), best supporting actress Alexis Zegerman and best of Britain.