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Take your hat off to the man who’s got the plan

Jonathan Richman’s got a new album out! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. It’s been a long time and I was starting to get worried.

Travel journal entry from 13th June, Bs As:

He’s the man, with the plan
Got ten counterfeit pesos in his hand
Heeeee’s Bubba Triiiiibunales…

… to the tune of Stevie Wonder’s He’s Misstra Know-it-all

Can replace “Misstra Know-It-All” with “Bubba Tribunales” on all the lyrics, except for the whole cash thing. Bubba is just a petty criminal. And he only does his little malandragems to get by, to survive, to see another day and another city and bottle of red wine. He’s a lovable rogue even, unlike the big-time gangster banker stockbroker described in that awesome song.

So far, the journal entries may give the impression that I was in a cynical mood in Argentina and didn’t like the place that much. That’s far from true. I loved the place. The people are amazing, some of the landscape is the most spectacular I’ve ever seen and Buenos Aires is my new favorite city on the planet. I’ll write more from the travel journal where I hope some of my admiration for the place shows through. It’s interesting for me too, rereading the journal. Actually it’s probably interesting ONLY for me. In Buenos Aires, where everyone goes to the therapist, I realised that that’s what this blog is; a form of therapy, for Bubba of course, who could do with some, even though he’d never accept it. Just pray he doesn’t start going on about his childhood…