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Bubba de los Andes

Bubba was in San Carlos de Bariloche and went on a prearranged excursion to the 7 lakes and San Martin de los Andes. What a mistake. He had been charmed by Romina, the travel agent in Buenos Aires into booking a few excursions on his trip to the Andes (Bariloche and Mendoza), but also there was something about that agency that just made him want to say YES to everything, to get the hell out of there. So he was going to go on these excursions that sounded great. Little did he know…

The first one was for the 7 lakes and San Martin de los Andes and to keep it simple, consisted of staying on a micro (a combi) for pretty much the whole day, with the occasional irritating break to get off the bus and walk around while EVERYBODY else took photographs with their digital cameras. The other passengers were all either old or fat. He fealt like a caged animal. Poor Bubba. So he reverted to his worsest of behaviours….

When in San Martin for a couple of hours he headed straight for the bar and ignored the suggestion of the guides to go and have a nice meal in the recommended restaurant (which Bubba suspected was owned by one of the guides cousins). He had a couple of beers, straight up, and chased them with a couple of Fernet and colas. He staggered out of the bar and stole the first Ford Fiesta he found and drove back “home” to San Carlos de Bariloche. He abandoned the car next to the Centro Civico and bought himself a bottle of Fernet and a bottle of cheap supermarket cola. The next thing he remembered was that it was daylight and he had fallen asleep in the park… pobresito Bubbasito…

Breakfast, desayuno, I need something to line my stomach, thought our hero. What better than a bit of Fernet and cola? So he went to the nearest bar, but was blocked at the door. He had been banned! Oh my god! The previous night he had been thrown out of two bars in Bariloche and the word had gotten round, so he was now not wanted in any bar in town! What to do, what to do? He decided to try the supermarket and bought a bottle of … fernet and a bottle of … cola and went to the park to drink it. When the cola ran out, he just kept drinking straight from the bottle of fernet.

The car he had knicked from San Martin de los Andes was still abandoned where he had left it. In his drunken haze, when the police came to remove it, Bubba claimed it as his own! Oh boy. But the police thought he was just a drunk and laughed at him. Luckily for Bubba Tribunales, they didn´t bother too much with his state, because they were used to drunks hanging around in the area. It was funny though. That was the start of the legend which came to be known as Bubba de los Andes.