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Bubba Tribunales

Bubba slowly closed the creaky door to room 220, El Firulete Downtown Hostel, Buenos Aires. He shuffled down the one flight of stairs to the breakfast area. Of course there was nothing left. It was past midday. He mumbled some disagreeable words in english, croaked a “buenas” and walked out the door into the busy lunch time traffic of Maipu.

“I´ll get a café con leche please, with three of those media lunas things”

There was a cute, but crazy looking girl sitting across from Bubba, rocking sideways. He tried not to stare. Alot of people coming and going out on Corrientes at this time, and any time really. He decided to look out the window while waiting for the breakfast. The crazy girl looked like she hadn´t washed for weeks and her dreads were more the result of unhygenic living than any political stance. She started laughing, silently, but the rocking had stopped. She was staring at Bubba and smiling. The coffee and croissants arrived, warm and sweet.

(to be continued…)