Pillage before bankruptcy

The best quote on the Greek parliament’s vote of confidence for Prime Minister George Papandreou – and thus his austerity plan:

“This is not a program to salvage the economy, it’s a program for pillage before bankruptcy,” said Alexis Tsipras, head of the small opposition Left Coalition.

taken from here: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/


Greece, please default, now!

The Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has asked Greeks to support further austerity measures or the country will face a “catastrophic” default.

“The consequences of a violent bankruptcy or exit from the euro would be immediately catastrophic for households, the banks and the country’s credibility,” said Papandreou as he appealed to the opposition to support him in a confidence vote, while addressing the Greek parliament, Reuters reported.

I love that he said that. It will be catastrophic for households (which the austerity measures are anyway), for the banks (great) and the country’s credibility (…? huh?). Yes, I would vote my confidence in him to do exactly what the banks want him to do.

Max Keiser rallying the troops in Athens

Hello World


This picture was taken yesterday (Saturday) morning, at Picadilly Circus. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s from my shitty mobile phone of course, hence the superior quality…

Be a player

Picadilly Circus, London, 2nd Oct. 2010

Bodog is the company I worked for in Málaga. On my first week there, I went for lunch with some of my then new colleagues and ended up sitting across from a Swedish guy, who was pretty high up in the company, and was one in the long list of my superiors, to whom I on occasion was required to report directly to, despite the software company (as you can see here on my friends and former colleagues Christo’s blog) advertising itself as having a flat management structure…

So, anyway, I was chatting to my new boss and he asked me what I was hired to do at the company (Riplife Gaming Technologies) and I told him I was going to work developing the C++/MFC poker front end. I asked him what he does and he said… “Well, basically, I’m a player”. I immediately thought “wow, and a wanker to boot”, I mean, who calls themselves a Player? As it turns out, he meant he was a poker player (a professional one) who got involved in the online poker software racket because of his expertise. As it also turns out, he wasn’t a wanker, but a nice guy and his use of the word was just a misinterpretation from me.

In that case, what does the ad “BE A PLAYER” mean? Oh, I get it, it’s from the  clever marketing people in Canada. It has both meanings. They are fucken’ awesome these marketing people, I’m glad we’ve still got them and they didn’t heed Bill Hicks’ advice.

The best of Britain III (2010 edition)

Back in London, for the foreseeable future. Gotta enjoy what there is here and it’s not the weather, neither the food.

I had never heard of this guy, Micky Flanagan, until today, but he’s good. And this routine is pretty apt for me right now.

And this one is just fucken’ funny. Respect!

Friday the 13th, August 2010

Woke up yesterday in Edinburgh and the temperatures read: Edinburgh 14, Málaga 33, London 15… Got back to Málaga in the evening and went to a friends leaving do, with a bunch of people from my previous company, in Los Alamos, just before Torremolinos, in a chiringuito (a beach bar), drinking on the sand until 1 in t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops… I’m gonna miss this place…

Probably moving back to London, for a bit…  Here’s a great interview with one of my heroes, John Pilger, in London:

Oh, and I am also going to password protect this blog because I’m tired of people searching for “prostitutes in Bariloche” and “Greece porn” ending up on my totally kosher wholesome pages.