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The worse of Britain

One big reason why I’m on my way outta here…, again…, never, ever, ever to return … for longer than a few days…, go on, a week max…

The reason? The BBC of course. Pathetic, apologetic, irrelevant finally.


Τόση δημοκρατία έχουμε να δούμε από τη χούντα

Very funny article here, in Greek. The graffiti: “τόση δημοκρατία έχουμε να δούμε από τη χούντα” is written on walls in Athens.  It’s funnier in Greek, but in English it means “we haven’t seen so much democracy since the dictatorship”. I think it translates funnier in Spanish: “No hemos visto tanta democracia desde la dictadura”, with a heavy does of sarcasm.

Max Keiser rallying the troops in Athens

Educational Toys

Toy of the month.

Educational Toys

Educational Toys

Some of the reviews are quite funny…

Been thinking about beans. Here’s a recipe I made up (and never tried):

1. Soak a cup of coffee beans in water overnight.
2. Make some caramel, however it is you make caramel, in a pot and add the beans.
3. Add water and bring to a boil. Keep adding water until the beans are cooked.
4. Serve on a bed of whipped cream.

Public Service Announcement

Tip of the day: For a longer day, wake up early.

Song of the day.

Bubba latest:

I saw Him in a shoe shop in Athens
with cars burning up outside
trying on a pair of Prada’s
for size


The problem

a O(nlogn) solution


Bubba rides the bus

Well, in England you’d call it a coach. Entry from travel journal, Bariloche 17/06, on bus waiting to leave for Mendoza:

The bus from Bariloche to Mendoza was pretty empty. Bubba had managed to get a few more pesos together to afford a “cama executiva” and settled into his seat/bed and waited for the bus to leave Bariloche. A gorgeous Argentinian woman with the most beautiful eyes this side of the Andes was sitting across the isle from him. She wore a tight low cut blouse and in between her ample breasts was nestled a big fat christian cross. The bus started moving. Bubba sneaked a peek at her across the isle and crossed himself feverishly as the driver pulled away from the depot.

Looking out the window in Neuquén, Bubba was disgusted by the site of two policemen, yeah, MALE, kissing each other on the cheek. It was like a real-life Banksy. He was however, blown away by the beauty of some of the female police officers he had seen in Argentina. “This is a country I wouldn’t be afraid of breaking the law in“, he thought.