The worse of Britain

One big reason why I’m on my way outta here…, again…, never, ever, ever to return … for longer than a few days…, go on, a week max…

The reason? The BBC of course. Pathetic, apologetic, irrelevant finally.


2 responses to “The worse of Britain

  1. After the way they’ve treated the afghanistan & iraq wars, the palestinian massacre during the 08 christmas (refusing to broadcast a humanitarian appeal to collect funds for food and medicine for gaza, due to being “impartial” – impartial to whether palestinian civilians should continue living?), the 2009 g20 summit protests (immediately adopting the police line and claiming that Tomlison had died of a heart attack, despite witnesses claiming otherwise, which would probably still be their official line should there not have been the videos), the student demonstrations earlier in the year (remember the interview of the guy in the wheelchair?) and now this video and the silencing of anybody who expresses a different opinion than: they are thugs, have no discipline and morals (talk about morals from people that in their vast majority have supported parties that initiated the slaughters in Iraq, Afghanistan and lately Libya); I find it astonishing that most britons I talk to, consider to be the most independent and reliable means of information. At least with Murdoch’s fascist publications, you know what you are dealing with, from the moment you make the mistake of picking them up. The BBC is much more dangerous, when constantly promoting a non existent independent and impartial face.

  2. “remember the interview of the guy in the wheelchair?”. No, I hadn’t seen it until now. Thanks. Here it is:

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