Bullshit World Records

I read an interesting news item on a Greek portal today. Here‘s the article in Greek. Here’s a free-style translation:

Romania is a country with many successes in the Guinness Book of World Records in the last 23 years. According to the weekly newspaper Capital, Romania first got in the book in 1986 and since then has 30 Guinness World Records, while 1/5 of them were made in 2008.

Raymond Marshall, head of business affairs for Guiness World Records, was in Romania last week to inspect the making of the biggest paper bag in the world, by the department store Kaufland.

Some of the Guinness world records done in Romania are the biggest easter egg in the world (height 7.25 metres, diameter 4.6 metres), the heaviest cake (with whipped cream and fruit, 281 kilos), the biggest Santa Claus parade (4,000 people), the longest hotdog (392 metres), the longest brides gown in the world (1.579 metres).

Putting aside the current state of the world, with the collapse of the economy, avian flu, Sri Lanka situation, Israel, Korean nuclear tests etc., more information and details on the biggest Santa Claus parade would be welcome. Absolutely fascinating.


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