Fruit of the Year

And the winner is:

the cherimoya

Cherimoya cut in half

what Mark Twain called “the most delicious fruit known to men” and “deliciousness itself!”, according to the *free*-speech internet.

At number two we find a fruit that’s been in the top-ten list for 38 years:

the orange

end of blog.


3 responses to “Fruit of the Year

  1. Yum, them is gooooood!
    I still like the jenipapo, though. It is the weirdest thing I have ever eaten.

  2. spirosmichalak

    Jenipapo, hey! Man, I still haven’t tried that one. I’m gonna start looking all over for it. What made it so weird? Was that the one that made you go numb?

  3. It is a weird flavour. It is something like burning plastic and vomit. But the juice from the fruit is used to make facepaint for the indigenous people of the Amazon. It is like henna.

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