I’m going to Greece, Θεσσαλονίκη, for a long weekend. I really need to get out of London. I’ve been here for nearly 2 months now without a break. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. No wonder people turn to drugs and alcohol to “enjoy” life here…

It always creeps up on me, this overwhelming sense of BULLSHIT when I’m living here. If I think back to when I used to live in Greece, then, yeah, I guess I had the same feelings. Maybe I couldn’t pinpoint it like that, but then I was a teenager and it was understandable and even excusable to be able to find only one word to describe the current state of affairs. Now, nearly 40 years old, I still expect to wake up one morning and see the headlines in all the papers: “BULLSHIT”

Just that. I guess it would be a possibility if there was any such thing as independent media. But of course, the media is governed by bullshit as well. So how could that work then?

“BeeeBeCeeeeee ray-dio twoooo… and now the news, read by Jeremy Vine… (Jeremy comes on)… US presidential candidate Barack Oba… bullshit… (pause)… Prime Minister Gordon Brown is meeting with his cabinet today to discuss the impending reshuffling of… bullshit… (pause, deep breath)… The turmoil in the financial markets continued to send… bullshit…”

Here’s the great Jonathan Richman (and what a fantastic introduction!):

Thank fuck for Jojo!


One response to “Bullshit

  1. Enjoy Greece! I’ve been thinking of limiting the amount of media I receive in a day. There is only so much bullshit one man can take!

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