Bubba rides the bus

Well, in England you’d call it a coach. Entry from travel journal, Bariloche 17/06, on bus waiting to leave for Mendoza:

The bus from Bariloche to Mendoza was pretty empty. Bubba had managed to get a few more pesos together to afford a “cama executiva” and settled into his seat/bed and waited for the bus to leave Bariloche. A gorgeous Argentinian woman with the most beautiful eyes this side of the Andes was sitting across the isle from him. She wore a tight low cut blouse and in between her ample breasts was nestled a big fat christian cross. The bus started moving. Bubba sneaked a peek at her across the isle and crossed himself feverishly as the driver pulled away from the depot.

Looking out the window in Neuquén, Bubba was disgusted by the site of two policemen, yeah, MALE, kissing each other on the cheek. It was like a real-life Banksy. He was however, blown away by the beauty of some of the female police officers he had seen in Argentina. “This is a country I wouldn’t be afraid of breaking the law in“, he thought.


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