The wheels on the bus…

… go round and round…

I’m getting ready for a 18 hour bus trip, Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre. I love it. Not as much as the train, but the next best thing. I’ve even booked a seat in the front. Cama executiva.

Sao Paulo’s been great. Different, but as I expected, since my friends here are all married with children, so, much more of a family environment for me. The pizza last night was great. It’s a close call between Buenos Aires pizza and Sao Paulo. Brazil maybe just edges it because of Catupiry, Glorious Catupiry. And also ‘coz it’s the most recent one I had. And even though I ate loads, I didn’t feel like shit, as I would if I had had a Domino’s in London. I’m gonna puke just at the thought of that pizza… just a second…

We might go check out the new big bookstore, Livraria Cultura, just off of Paulista, before I catch my bus. But, more about food: went to the Mercado Publico, near Rua 25 de Marco, in downtown the other day and had a mortadella sandwich. Yeah, I know, it sounds boring, but it was amazing! Sao Paulo is still all about food for me, from the first day I came here in 1992 and a friend took us to Bar das Putas, which I’m still confused as to whether it’s the same as Sujinho, which is now a chain of restaurants, also in downtown Sao Paulo, to filet de Moraes (which I didn’t get a chance to have this time), to great Japanese food and of course Brazilian standards, like the feijoada with farofa and couve I had on Sunday and the tastiest rice, beans and abobora I had at my friends house. Mmmm…


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