São Paulo

I’ve been in São Paulo for 3 days now and will stay about 3 more. It’s been great catching up with old friends. I’ll write more when I’m back in Porto Alegre next week, as well as about the Argentina trip.

For now all I can say is that São Paulo has changed quite a bit since I last spent any reasonable amount of time here. It’s cleaner with less visual polution and seems to have less dirt on the streets. It has some impressive new architecture (mainly in the Morumbi area from what I’ve managed to see) and is a bit easier to get around than I remember. No, the traffic is worse, but the train system seems to be easier to navigate than I thought. The food is still great, the people are friendly though working all the time, the winter isn’t much of a winter by european standards and it’s fucken’ huge. Whereas in London I usually still think of anywhere as being an hour away, here it’s more like one and a half to two hours away.

Bubba’s fine – keeping a low profile. São Paulo has the ability to make anyone feel small and insignificant, but I bet that if HE stayed here, in about a year he’d have regained his usual swagger.


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