Comedian George Carlin dies at 71

Guess who’s not going to Australia in November? Δεν πας SPIRE τελικά Σπύρε…

Rejection always hurts, but the reviews, and I’m not joking, were top notch. These people really read the paper and made an effort to understand. All three reviews were spot on and I wouldn’t disagree with any of them. To look at it from a positive side, it gives me more interesting work to do on the subject, including implementing the ideas in the paper. The general reviewers consensus is that the paper is too theoretical for such a practical topic, but if it works in practice then it could be a very good paper (publishable in a journal). So I need to implement it and test it out on the available real data and keep fingers crossed that it works.

Of course, Bubba’s reaction was entirely different. Once he got the rejection, he dragged his flip-flops to the lift and descended the ten floors to go and purchase some cigarettes. Not a suelto this time, but a whole pack. “Gimme a pack of the strongest cigarettes known to mandkind“. And then it was time to hit the bar, even if it was only 10 am in Porto Alegre. Pinga after cachaça after aguardente… Tears were rolling down Tribsy’s face… “I’m useless, worthless, hopeless…“. Light another cigarette Bubba, you know it’s your only friend. Well, Bubba thought, at least I can publish my blog without any asshole peers opinions!


One response to “Rejection

  1. My heart’s with you and all, but that Bubba guy is sure creating a lot of scenes :p

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