Buenos Aires

I´ve got a new reason to go back to London. A couple of years ago, after my trip to Crete, I went back “home” and started going to the pool. This time I´m gonna finally learn how to dance. Probably start with Salsa, but in a few years I want to progress to Tango. In 2012, on the 12th of December, I´m meeting Mitso in Buenos Aires, in front of the Town Hall, at 12 midday. I want to know how to do the national dance well, by then.

Went to two Tango Milango´s the other night. The first one was amazing. Brilliant dancers, young and old, tall and short. The second one was sad. The mainly older guys were walking around in circles groping the lady stuck to there foreheads.

Going to Uruguay today for a day trip. That´ll be another tick off the list of countries visited.


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