The best of Britain, numero dos

One More Grain perfectly pinpoint the wonder and disillusion inherent in these damp isles.”Plan B

The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience: “The man, the legend, poet, voice of a generation”Indigo Moss, 11/07

“Ok, gotta do some work now, if I’m ever gonna get out of this town…” – Spiros, 26/03


5 responses to “The best of Britain, numero dos

  1. Since when are The Boycott the best of Britain? Saw those guys the other day and did NOT get them at all….. I guess I am missing the point??

    They have very mixed reviews though, so sure they get people to react in some way or another…

  2. spirosmichalak

    I reckon they are the best of Britain because it’s something that could only come out of Britain. When you hear it you don’t think they might be from Texas, or California, or Aukland or Sydney. It’s straight out of… somewhere in the north of England. Their lyrics are witty, caustic and funny, a great British tradition. They are political and satyrical, philosophical disguised as mundane, highly intelligent disguised as simple. Give them a chance by listening to their myspace songs. They are the best of British because they are not trying to be african, or aiming to fill stadiums or targeting the world music public. They could’ve written a song about an afro-caribean cafe in Peckham with a reggae beat, of course they could’ve. They do what the British are good at, in my humble peloponisian opinion.

  3. and you got all that from them? wow! 🙂

    I’ve heard them live, and I just didn’t get the vibe at all, so no thanks to listening to the songs again on myspace!

    They might be good, will give you that, but no way best of Britain! No way!!!!!!


    PS I think you’ve got Plato and Aristotle turning in their graves by now re the philosophical reference there!


  4. totally with you on BCCE. (Though aren’t “they” more a “he” than a “they”?) some of the best music i’ve heard in ages. Not with you on One More Grain at all though. They’re just another mediocre Electroacoustic Club type band, innit.

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