Copenhagen, part 2

Christiania was boring. It would’ve been great if I was at least 20 years younger. The weather’s been gorgeous all these days. It only rained for a few hours on Monday. Yeah, I can picture myself, when I was maybe 18-19, just hangin out by the waterfront, with my buddies. The average age was, I’d guess, around 17, and 80% male. There was one “shrine” to Tibet which was interesting, but otherwise the “town” could’ve been like a miniature, less crowded, more dirt and less concrete, Camden Town. I’m sure there are some old hippies living there, and there is in parts a community feeling. I like to believe that is true. All the average tourist sees though is dope and alcohol. Is that what these sort of communities are all about? What is tolerance for alternative lifestyles all about? “You’ve got as much to hide as I do, so shut up and don’t say anything about my addiction/difference/appearance and we’ll both be just fine”?

What I’ve been enjoying most on this trip is walking around. I’ve been lucky with the weather, and there are great spaces for walking. So, after Christiania I walked to the Opera House, which I liked architecturally a lot, and couldn’t help but compare to that ugly piece of shit they’ve built in my “hometown” of Thessaloniki.

From there I took the river bus, which funnily enough is run by Arriva, the same company that do normal buses (in England at least), just for 2 stops, but it was awesome. I felt emotional, what a weirdo. The comfortable seat was great, the super friendly conductor working the boat, the little 5-year old girl who was fascinatedly watching the docking of the boat, which uses brute-force to dock, and reminded me of a scene from the Blues Brothers film where they park the car by slamming the breaks on against the curb, thus using the force of the immovable object (the curb) to swing the back (or the front, I don’t remember) of the car and bring it nicely and flush against the curb.

Then I walked to the Mermaids. Some of my friends think that all I do is go against the grain just to be different. Hating the stuff that the majority likes and liking the stuff that nobody else likes. Well, it’s not true. But, I loved the mermaid. She’s so inconspicuous. And looks like she was just made in a day, like a sand castle, by someone who wanted (and maybe needed) to spend some time by the water and didn’t have a crappy tabloid paper and caipirinha, so decided to make a statue of a mermaid. Busloads of tourists come there and everyone takes photos. The other great thing is that people can touch her. I think she enjoys it. I saw her eyes move with pleasure when one particular lady touched her. She’s a bit of a slut, and everyone’s gotta love her. A true femme fatale.

Then I went to see the genetically modified mermaid. That was good too, and made all the more interesting because there was noone around. She’s part of a bunch of biblical (and other I think, ‘coz it was in Danish), fictional characters.

And I ended up watching the whole of the champions league final and boy are they Man Utd. mad here. I guess it goes back to the Peter Schmeichel days. He was a pundit on the channel I watched it on. In their preview, they didn’t even mention Chelsea, who by the way, in my entirely biased opinion dominated the whole of the second half and parts of the first and should’ve won the game out right. I saw a lot of Danish Man U supporters on the streets of Copenhagen, and only yesterday did I see one Chelsea supporter, after the loss.

I’ll write more about yesterday, probably tomorrow or later today from the airport.


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