I’ll vote Lindsey

I’ve developed a strange cycling habit, which maybe borders on OCD. When on the bicycle in a “crucial” situation, e.g. overtaking slowly moving traffic while a bus in the bus lane is doing the same and the road is narrowing at the lights where pedestrians are crossing regardless of it being red for them… etc. … I start to hum, whistle, or sing a song. Today I noticed that this habit, developed from cycling in central London, has extended to my walking habits. When I was on my way to the college, in Holborn, crossing Kingsway, not at the pedestrian crossing, but among stationary traffic, there was a cyclist shooting up the inside lane and the car to my right had just started moving, so I did a little jog through the traffic safely to the pavement, singing “Bar bar bar, barbara-ann, bar bar bar, barbarba-aaann, please take my haaan, oh barbaraaannn…”.

I think it works like this: my mind, like everyone’s (except maybe Homer Simpson’s) is there busy thinking about stuff that it picks up from the outside world, but not paying that much attention to what’s happening as a whole, until all of a sudden it is told to PAY ATTENTION, and so to stop any other mind-wanderings and to focus on the job at hand (buying a donut?). Another process inside my head grabs hold of a thread and starts playing this song, so that that part of the brain is occupied with the song and no attention is taken away from the rest of the brain to monitor and react to what’s going on around me. I’m happy with that explanation, even if it’s a bit of concierge psychology.

I’ll be voting for Lindsey German this Thursday. Apparently we can vote for a 2nd candidate as well. That’s strange. I’m not sure if it’s good or not. If I do vote for a 2nd person it’ll be Brian Paddick, but I haven’t decided yet if it’s good or not. What a disgusting man the next mayor of London, Boris Johnson is. I don’t know what it is. He just makes me wanna puke.


2 responses to “I’ll vote Lindsey

  1. Having a second vote is a good thing. It means with your first one, you vote FOR something (i.e. Lindsey German, a positive experience and meaningful choice) and with the second one you vote AGAINST (put down Ken in an attempt to keep Boris jobson out).

    There’s a detailed description of how it all works at Lenin’s Tomb.

  2. I’ll be voting Lindsey 1st too (and Left List candidates for the other two votes too – there are four votes in total including the two for Mayor.)

    And I agree with guyt – if you want to keep Boris out, best to vote for Ken 2nd.

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