“If a hand is drawing a hand and if, at the same time, this second hand is busy drawing the first hand also, and if all this is illustrated on a piece of paper fixed to a drawing board with thumb tacks…and if the whole thing is then drawn again, we may well describe it as a sort of superdeception.”

Drawing Hands (1948)

Escher made Drawing Hands in 1948, the same year Orwell wrote 1984. I find that interesting and spooky, because they both explored the reality of deception through their art.

Escher said about his work:

“…it is for this reason that I never feel quite at home among my artist colleagues; what they are striving for, first and foremost, is “beauty”… I guess the thing I mainly strive after is wonder, so I try to awaken wonder in the minds of my viewers.”

Both excerpts taken from The Magic Mirror of M.C.Escher, by Bruno Ernst. The image was bummed from here.


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