This book is shite

I’d like to learn to write stories. Maybe short stories to start with. But then again, everyone wants to be a writer. That reminds me, I bought this book by a writer who I’ll refer to as Mark Hardon, althought that’s not his real name, and I want to go onto and post a review: “This book is shite”. I read “The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night” (I’ve changed the title again) by the same author, and thought it was great. I recommended it to my friends and some of them read it and loved it as well. But this latest one is pathetic.

I am only 110 pages into it though. But, I just went to the amazon reviews and saw one of the reviews that say: “Don’t give up on this one”. So I thought, ok, maybe, but only if I’ve got nothing more interesting to read, which is very rare these days, since I’m reading: Mark Twain’s Autobiography, a book about Escher, a book by the greek director and novelist Nikos Nikolaidis which reminds me of Bukowski, and I’m enjoying – I say to this one: “Don’t give up on it”, because although it has alot of vulgarity and gratuitous, loveless sex in it, just like his films I think, it has some moments of soulful insight, in the style of Henry Miller and Kerouac and even Bukowski, a great book about the german mathematician Riemann called Prime Obsession, which I guess falls into the genre of “popular science”, but which is a tad deeper (in Maths terms, for me) than other similar works plus alot of interesting history from the time, which has excited me, as well as Lewis & Papadimitriou’s modern day classic: “Elements of the Theory of Computation”, David Icke’s Guide to the Global Conspiracy, Anthony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within”, the Brazilian magazine in London “Leros”, Le Monde Diplomatique and the ICA’s brochure for May 2008. After I finish these I have Vasilis Alexakis “m.x” to read in Greek, and Panos Karnezis “Little Infamies” (which was a gift from my friend Unknown…) and Sebastian Faulks “Human Traces”, plus whatever else I fancy in the meantime…

So, fuck Mark Hardon and his crappy formulaic (based on his previous success), little england sense of humour shite. It’s got an old guy with some illness in it, his wife is cheating on him, his daughter is about to marry a hard-working salt of the earth guy from the North of England, and his son is gay. Boring BBC crap.

Don’t give up on this book? Why not? Cause I paid for it? I can understand that statement if you’re talking about Dostoyevsky, Hugo, Zola, Balzac, Tolstoi, Kazantzakis, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, man, the list goes on and on. And I don’t think I’ve ever finished a book of any of them (except Fitzgerald and Kazantzakis), but I will definetely give them a go in the future again, especially if I ever learn French (for some…). But some f**** twat called Mark Hardon? In fact, I guess what Bill Hicks says about New Kids on the Block (on the video in my vodpod on the right … 🙂 ) etc. expresses better what I think about this book. Oh yeah, the book is called “A blotch of bother” (changed title), and it’s shite.


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