Busy busy busy

Bought my tickets for Brazil: 30th May, fly back on 27th July. Looks like I’m going to Copenhagen for a conference for the week of 19th to 23rd May as well. I can’t complain. But that means I need to prepare a presentation. I also need to submit another paper on the 12th of May, for a conference in Prague in September. I also need to finish a report to transfer from MPhil to PhD, and make a presentation to go with it. It’s gonna be a busy May.

But it’s good I guess. It keeps me away from the May blues that I used to get, although not so much last year. Maybe I’m changing? Maybe it’s like global warming. I could blame it on the average Joe and demand extra taxes. It’s got something to do with the approaching of my birthday, which I’ll spend in Porto Alegre this year and I usually feel a great relief once May is over. Bizarre. I have a feeling this year’s will be a good May though, like last year, because I’ll be so busy, doing stuff I pretty much enjoy…

Forgot, teatotal day count: 58.


One response to “Busy busy busy

  1. It’s not “global warming” mate.
    It’s “global warning”.

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