Larry David and Security

Another grey miserable day in London. But I’m having a good day! Didn’t go to the pool ‘coz fealt tired all week and wasn’t really up to it and although I was getting ready to go out and buy some veg in Borough Market, and was going to take my swimming gear with me, just at that moment, a friend called and invited me for a coffee at the Estrella Bar on South Lambeth Rd, one of those Portuguese cafe/bars/restaurants in the Stockwell/Vauxhall area… After the coffee we popped down to the Italian bakery further down the road towards Stockwell to get some bread but it seems like it has shut down. That’s a pity. So we ended up back at Estrella for some lunch…

On Friday I had to stay home waiting for the delivery of a credit card that they attempted to deliver on Wednesday but I wasn’t in. Very annoying, having to wait around for some dickhead in a hoody to come and ask me for ID. Everyone’s got authority nowadays, everyone’s a security guard. It’s for your own protection Spiro, for your own good. Why can’t I just go collect it from the post office? Is it ‘coz they’re shutting them all down? Oh, and it’s a private company delivering this bloody card, and it’s a new one at that…

The security guards in my local supermarket are always changing. I was in a Larry David mood one day recently and started questioning the cashier as to why they keep changing.

(S)piros: “It’s really annoying when I come in here and the security guard follows me down the isles…” (I had walked in with my hood on, cause it was raining…).

Middle-aged Indian (C)ashier: “Oh, yeah, I know you, you come here every day…”

S: “Yeah. Why do they keep changing?”

C: “Ah, they send them from a different company…”

S: “What happened to that old black fella who used to work here? He was really nice and polite and wouldn’t follow me down the isles…”. ”

C: “I don’t know, they send them from…”

S: “Did he get a proper job?”

And that gave me the idea, next time I’m followed by one and am on my way out of the shop, to stare right at him and say: “Get a real job mate”…

But I’ll never do it. For one thing, one of my best friends in Greece has occasionally worked in the “field” and so I can understand what can lead someone to do such a job. It’s the system that’s wrong. But when the police state is officially declared, I’d be weary of them guys in the yella tops…


3 responses to “Larry David and Security

  1. Pavlos Antoniou MPhil. MSc. BSc

    1. fucken good blog!

    2. All the Sainsbury’s I have been had proper ceilings which were not dripping, so I don’t see why you kept your hood on whilst inside the store. Or was it raining inside too?

  2. Loved your blog!!! I added it my links at this new blog I made.

  3. I see you haven´t changed and I like that. 😉

    Great blog!!


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